Keep it fresh.


Use to store food or pack your lunch, others

It can be used in the microwave oven as long as you open the valve. The square model is great as a lunch box or as a storage container. The round model is very convenient to carry liquids, such as soups. It can be used for frozen or chilled food. The wide size range means you can choose the perfect size according to the amount of food/side dishes you eat.

It turns into a lunch box in the blink of an eye.You can turn this storage container into a lunch box: simply take it out of the refrigerator in the morning to bring your side dishes, or leftovers from last night's dinner, on the go. 6 sizes are available so you can mix and match according to your meal's size and variety.

Soda glass jar seals for long-term storage, others

Tightly sealed. For long-term storage It is suitable.

Hermetic and easy to open.The fruit liqueur bottle comes with a silicone seal. When making fruit liqueur the liquid cools down. When making preserves, the foodstuffs ferment. The fermentation process increases the container's internal pressure. When the hook is released, the container's lid will pop open vigorously. On the other hand, when cooling down the contents, the internal pressure will drop and the lid will not open. To solve these problems, we've added a tab to the container's seal, to create an air pathway. Pulling up the tab will release the pressure inside the container so the lid can be opened safely.