Muji Reward Programme

Enjoy great benefits while shopping.

A programme that offers great rewards and privileges to our valued customers.

How to apply

Spend a total of RM250.00 in a single receipt* at MUJI stores to be eligible for the MUJI Reward Programme application.

Accumulation of MUJI Dollars

Earn MUJI Dollar while you shop. Every RM50.00 purchase entitles you to 1 MUJI Dollar.
Accumulated MUJI Dollars at point of purchase will be updated by the following day and will only be available for redemption on subsequent days.

Redemption of MUJI Dollars

Buy more, pay lesser. Redeem your MUJI Dollars with a minimum of RM20.00 spent.

MUJI Mailing List

Be updated with first-hand news on exclusive launches and lifestyle inspirations from MUJI.

Birthday Bonus

Shop with us on your birthday month and get rewarded with double MUJI Dollars for your purchases.


1. What is MUJI Rewards Programme?
MUJI Rewards is a card-less rewards programme launch to rewards shoppers on their purchases with MUJI.
2. What are the application requirements for the programme?
MUJI Reward Programme is open to anybody residing in Malaysia and aged 15 years and above at the time of application. NRIC/passport is required during registration.
3. Is receipt of spending prior to launch of Rewards Programme eligible for application?
Yes. Single day’s receipt dated from year 2014 onwards and with a total spending of RM250.00 and above, will be eligible for application.
4. Is there expiry date for MUJI Dollars accumulated?
Yes. Accumulated MUJI Dollars for each year are redeemable till 31st December of the following calendar year. E.g. MUJI Dollars for the year 2014 can be accumulated till 31st December 2014, and will be valid till 31st December 2015. All MUJI Dollars not redeemed within the given period will expire.
5. Can I use the Reward Programme at other country?
No. The MUJI Reward Programme is limited to MUJI Stores in Malaysia only.
6. Is there a need for renewal?
No. Application to the Reward’s Programme is a 1 time action that entitles you to become a member with MUJI, the membership is valid for a lifetime and requires no renewal.
7. Is the MUJI Rewards Programme applicable to all products?
Yes, the MUJI Rewards Programme is applicable to both regular priced and sales priced items.
8. MUJI Dollars Accumulation and Redemption
  • Every RM50 purchases will entitle you to 1 MUJI Dollar, every MUJI Dollar is redeemable for 1 Dollar cash rebate on your next purchase
  • Redemption of MUJI Dollars is applicable only with a minimum of RM20.00 spent, each redemption is at a minimum of 1 MUJI Dollar value
  • All MUJI points accumulated at point of purchase will be updated instantly and will only be available for redemption on the next day
  • Receipts accumulated with MUJI Dollars are not applicable for MUJI Reward Programme application. Initial purchase value used for card application will not be entitled to MUJI Dollars accumulation
  • The customer Identification Card/Passport must be present at point of purchase as a form of verification to be entitled for MUJI Dollars accumulation and redemption
9. When is MUJI Reward Programme not valid?
MUJI Reward Programme is not valid for voucher purchases, home delivery and alteration charges, as well as corporate purchases.
10. Is MUJI Dollars transferrable?
No. MUJI Dollars cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash.
11. How many accounts can one person have?
Each person is entitled to one MUJI Reward Programme account tag under the person’s identification card number as account number is unique.
12. How can customer check or view the MUJI Dollar Balance?
You can check the MUJI Dollar Balance at,
Cashier counter of all MUJI stores in Malaysia
Email to Customer Service at
Dial in to a Customer Hotline number +607 585 9261
13. How do I update on any change of my personal particulars and contact preferences?
Please inform the change at,
Cashier counter of all MUJI stores in Malaysia
Email to Customer Service at
Dial in to a Customer Hotline number +607 585 9261
14. How long does it take for my membership to be activated?
Activation of membership is instant.
15. If the customer birthday month falls on the start of the programme, will he/she be entitled to the MUJI Dollars redemption?
From the next purchase within the birthday month, customer will be entitled to double MUJI Dollars.
16. Is there a limit to the number of MUJI Dollars I can accumulate in a year?
No, there is no limit to the number of MUJI Dollars that you can accumulate.
17. What happens to my MUJI Dollars if I return the product for refund?
The MUJI Dollar earned on the purchase of the product will be deducted.
18. How do I cancel my account?
To cancel your MUJI Reward membership, please inform us at any MUJI outlet or by writing in to Your personal details will then be deleted from our system. Once membership is canceled, you will no longer be able to use the MUJI Dollars or enjoy all the benefits and privileges of the programme.