MUJI Skincare


Why do people do skincare?
That's where we started.

Polluted air, warm or cool air from air conditioners, stress, fatigue, and so on. There are so many factors contributing to skin damages in our lives. That is why MUJI thinks everyone needs skincare that nourishes skin. We value the following two things:

  • - Modern people like us should maintain skin's natural conditions by coping to various, complicated environment surrounding us.
  • - People should make time to take care of the skin by themselves.

What we focused on the most is water. Natural water collected in a cave in Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture is ultra soft and low-alkalinity water almost the same as tears, so the skin can smoothly take it in. MUJI offers four skincare series for you to choose to meet your skin type and problems. Among all the series, we recommend the aging care series providing a wide selection of products. It includes pre-lotion, which generates skin to smoothly absorb toner in dry seasons, and protection cream, which traps moisturizing properties.